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Original Artwork Please see prices on the pop-up windows on Original Artworks - Home.
Unframed Art: Packing and shipping costs range from $35-40, for 18 x 24" originals. Art will be shipped flat in a corrugated mailer.

Framed Art: Framing, packing, and shipping costs for 18 x 24" originals range from $90-110, depending on destination.
Framed toy art frame wood samples
Wood frames for originals and art posters are available in black, reddish stain, or pale natural finish. Includes matte.
Posters: 13.5 x 17", with frame 16.75 x 20.75"
Unframed Poster: $25, plus approx. $6 for mailing tube and shipping. Framed Poster: $50, plus $35-40 for packaging and shipping.
Note card art Note Cards: All images are available as note cards, folded size 4.5 x 6" with matching envelopes. Inkjet printed on recycled stock.

Minimum order 10 cards, $2 each, plus $4 shipping.
All content © John Chandler, Studio 1227. San Diego artist specializing in pastels, watercolor and acrylic.

Original artwork in pastels, watercolor and acrylic. Commission work welcome, including animal companion portraits.

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Estimates listed are for domestic shipping.